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Shrinivas' pictures:


Image67.jpg (57822 bytes)  

Breathtaking sunrise with the YPs

Image68.jpg (108243 bytes) YP 2805 with shedmate YP3474 in steam


Image70.jpg (117063 bytes) The disused turntable.
Image69.jpg (100218 bytes) A stuck injector almost failed this loco.
Image71.jpg (96092 bytes) The loco taking water prior to leaving the shed.
Image72.jpg (93775 bytes) Sarosh with the YP 2805
Image73.jpg (102842 bytes) Moving the power towards the shed exit.
Image74.jpg (92969 bytes) The YP 3474 is moved to the watering column.
Image75.jpg (101705 bytes) YP 2805 arrives on road 1 for coupling.
Image87.jpg (138454 bytes) The loco 'coming on load'.
Image76.jpg (99307 bytes) Driver S. Devshibhai signals to his assistant to stop, the pointsman shows the red flag.
Image77.jpg (117722 bytes) Coupler and brake pipe problems delayed the departure of the train.
Image78.jpg (72600 bytes) Driver Devshibhai and his assistant ready to start the train.
Image85.jpg (85392 bytes) Working tender foremost the driver looks back to check with the guard.
Image84.jpg (101124 bytes) Viraf records the sounds of the loco from the first coach.
Image83.jpg (88015 bytes) The 413 Up with YG 3430 crosses our train at Makansar
Image82.jpg (62568 bytes) Viraf and Apurva ride the buffer beam while attempting to record the sound of the loco.
Image90.jpg (83187 bytes) Viraf on the buffer beam just after the Machu river bridge.
Image89.jpg (144210 bytes) As always, the classic Morbi Jn. shot.
Image92.jpg (51939 bytes) The YP's intense fire.
Image81.jpg (125411 bytes) Later in the afternoon Viraf and Apurva ride the buffer beam, only this time the loco works forward towards Wankaner.
Image80.jpg (70209 bytes) Safety conscious station master of Rafaleshwar shoo us off the buffer beam.
Image86.jpg (66201 bytes) Lower quadrant signal amongst the coal heap at the Wankaner shed.
Image93.jpg (127931 bytes) Rajkot Bandra Express on Wankaner station.
Image94.jpg (81374 bytes) Sparkling new BCX wagon with various levels marked for loading upto its 80 tonne payload. Just in case you are wondering, 'ME STONE' is Lime stone !
Image91.jpg (91143 bytes) Morbi at sunrise
Image88.jpg (114290 bytes) Arrival of the 413 Up at Morbi

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