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Sarosh's Morbi, Dahinsara and Maliya Miyana pics   

Image123.jpg (86580 bytes) Dawn breaks over Morbi Jn.
Image126.jpg (84029 bytes) The YG 4252 gets watered before leaving for Maliya Miyana.
Image124.jpg (77195 bytes) The 412 Dn. rake consists of tanker wagons carrying water.
Image127.jpg (127124 bytes) Arrival of the 430 Up from Dahinsara at Morbi.
Image128.jpg (103202 bytes) 412 departs from Morbi.
Image129.jpg (112414 bytes) Note the ballast rake on the other line.
Image203.jpg (128260 bytes) This is a truck that had rammed the level crossing gates last evening.
Image204.jpg (109450 bytes) Approaching Dahinsara the level crossing gate signal displays the 'proceed' aspect.
Image202.jpg (131787 bytes) The single smoke deflectored YG rests a little for the thrash to Maliya later.
Image201.jpg (99728 bytes) The mountain of salt looms at Vavania as the janata fill their water tanks.
Image200.jpg (31063 bytes) Sarosh on the buffer beam.
Image205.jpg (108401 bytes) Approaching Bhavpar, a view from the leading tender.
Image206.jpg (172431 bytes) Bhavpar, a typical lovely hamlet in this area.
Image207.jpg (115867 bytes) Departing Bhavpar, a shot towards the rake.
Image210.jpg (93099 bytes) Every stop necessitates a fresh charge of coal and the blower is used to fan the flames.
Image211.jpg (88853 bytes) Loco putting on power to climb out a gradient.
Image212.jpg (90251 bytes) Shri looks out from the cab.
Image209.jpg (141109 bytes) Approaching the arid Maliya town.
Image208.jpg (119026 bytes) The train works slowly towards the Maliya home signal. 
Image213.jpg (130491 bytes) The station in sight now, note the water tank and the shunting disc on the ground.

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