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Viraf Mulla's pictures:

Predawn at Wankaner shed: (107186 bytes) Early morning preparation of the YP 2805 for working the 416 Down fast passenger to Morbi Jn.
Image3.jpg (99049 bytes) The loco has injector trouble and is losing a lot of water.
Image4.jpg (97886 bytes) The loco behind the YP 2805 is the YP 3474


Image5.jpg (100366 bytes) Early morning atmosphere at the shed
Image6.jpg (95884 bytes) Slowly rising sun illuminates the waiting YP 2805
Image7.jpg (121521 bytes) The tower at the back contains equipment to soften the water for the loco boilers
Image8.jpg (162129 bytes) The long line of locos to be scrapped

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