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Near the Wankaner loco shed in the late afternoon 

Image40.jpg (132295 bytes) View of the WKR loco shed with the transhipment line on the left. 
Image42.jpg (158103 bytes) A ramp is used to load the badly rusted BC type MG wagon on the GS type BG flatcar. The text in the middle of the flat car "Ferry truck to run between Rajkot and Wankaner 
Image43.jpg (112522 bytes) A study in proportions. The text on the BC wagon "Empty booked to JMD (which is ?) shop for (NPOH) repairs
Image46.jpg (129826 bytes) YP 2813 which Viraf and Sarosh had earlier footplated between Ahmedabad and Yari Road. We were told that this power is being exported to UK.
Image48.jpg (106441 bytes) One more view of the YP 2813
Image45.jpg (137698 bytes) The YP 2805 is still being prepared for the evening haul to Morbi and Dahinsara
Image47.jpg (119884 bytes) The water column and the waiting YP
Image49.jpg (103686 bytes) Sarosh and Shri climb the clinker heap to survey the shed

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