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Sarosh's pics 

Image95.jpg (61086 bytes) Somewhere hidden in this steam is a locomotive.


Image96.jpg (116583 bytes) YP 3474 peeking out from the white cloud
Image97.jpg (127608 bytes) Moving forward to come to the water column.
Image99.jpg (102849 bytes) Portrait of the YP 2805
Image100.jpg (76425 bytes) Filling 'er up to replace all the spilt water from a faulty injector.
Image101.jpg (89902 bytes) Panaromic view of the shed.
Image102.jpg (85163 bytes) One more in the same series.
Image103.jpg (98491 bytes) Loco is ready to roll.
Image104.jpg (94262 bytes) With both the day's locos ready, the staff takes a breather.
Image107.jpg (91741 bytes) YP 2805 pink in the morning light.
Image120.jpg (109838 bytes) Kathiawadi pigs ! There are many animals huddled together near Shrinivas
Image106.jpg (136200 bytes) YP 2805 rolls in to couple with its load.
Image105.jpg (99757 bytes) After detaching some coaches from the rake, the loco now reverses to couple to its passenger load on the nearside line.
Image108.jpg (92559 bytes) The coupler is stuck, the vaccum does not form ...
Image110.jpg (95170 bytes) Crossing at Makansar.
Image111.jpg (74954 bytes) Taking a curve on an incline towards Morbi
Image112.jpg (98475 bytes) Viraf records the sounds from the first coach.
Image113.jpg (105093 bytes) Injector started, the loco dumps hot water on the ground at Rafaleshwar 
Image114.jpg (71489 bytes) The green Machu river from the buffer beam.
Image117.jpg (112349 bytes) YP 3474 arrives with 410 Down.
Image118.jpg (103290 bytes) The train is within touching distance from the road bridge.
Image115.jpg (142286 bytes) Shri poses with the YP 2805 ready to start 415 Up at Morbi Jn.
Image116.jpg (163511 bytes) One more pic of the YP
Image119.jpg (73158 bytes) Wankaner distant and its counterweight
Image121.jpg (153637 bytes) Departure of the Rajkot Bandra express.
Image122.jpg (156908 bytes) The loco working full throttle towards Than.


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