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                                        Wankaner Jn at sunrise: the shunting pics

Image9.jpg (69417 bytes) BG part of Wankaner.
Image10.jpg (103043 bytes) View of the white loco shed building from the MG side.
Image11.jpg (133785 bytes) YP 2805 at the shed exit line
Image12.jpg (132845 bytes) The loco reverses till the mainline to Morbi and now comes forward to couple.
Image13.jpg (136468 bytes) Loco moves towards the platform.
Image14.jpg (129662 bytes) The chimneys in the back are  from the many ceramics units in the area.
Image15.jpg (141002 bytes) A closeup of the loco.
Image16.jpg (109306 bytes) The rake is stabled off the platform.
Image17.jpg (105148 bytes) Loco gets attached amongst problems like bad vacuum and a jammed coupler.
Image18.jpg (102397 bytes) The loco ready to start the train off the platform 30 minutes late.

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