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Images from Morbi Jn.  

Image26.jpg (111983 bytes) YP 2805 resting at Morbi
Image19.jpg (116391 bytes) YP 3474 bringing in the 410 Down on the Machu river bridge at Morbi 
Image20.jpg (156375 bytes) The loco coasts into the station just ahead.
Image21.jpg (143399 bytes) The outdoor points/signal levers in front of the RPF outpost.
Image22.jpg (188093 bytes) Morbi platform facing Wankaner, with Shrinivas and Sarosh
Image23.jpg (103320 bytes) The 415 Up waits in the classic Morbi view
Image24.jpg (61937 bytes) Driver S. Devshibhai peers from his cab
Image27.jpg (154820 bytes) The view from the buffer beam, the MG coupler. 

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