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Wankaner in the afternoon

Image28.jpg (160408 bytes) Ratlam shed WDM 2 brings a BCN load through the BG part of Wankaner Jn.
Image29.jpg (183111 bytes) The YP 2805 returns to the shed whose points are almost on the mainline towards Morbi
Image30.jpg (159216 bytes) The accident relief rake and the locos waiting to be scrapped.
Image31.jpg (157418 bytes) A further view towards the loco shed
Image33.jpg (173989 bytes) Apurva, Sarosh and Shrinivas point to why Wankaner is a 'junction'
Image34.jpg (132757 bytes) The Rajkot Bandra Express ready to start
Image35.jpg (173392 bytes) The WDM 2 picking up speed, one of the many pottery units in the area adding to the smoke
Image36.jpg (149800 bytes) A detailed view of the Vatwa shed WDM 2A # 16197 and its friendly Rajkot division crew.
Image37.jpg (190123 bytes) The Wankaner yard is a separately controlled section, and the token for the mainline is given only at the exit of the yard
Image38.jpg (177415 bytes) The train accelerates out of WKR towards Than, note the empty milk cans hung outside the windows.
Image39.jpg (133049 bytes) Another passenger train enters Wankaner profiled by a TK wagon's buffer

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