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Morning in Morbi - Dahinsara - Gandhidham 

Image50.jpg (83492 bytes) Morbi Jn. at sunrise
Image51.jpg (112276 bytes) Golden sun illuminates the Ahmedabad homed GS 30678 coach
Image52.jpg (121395 bytes) The cute BTW wagon holding 'drink water', the rake is meant to run between DHG - KUDA, which stations are these ? 
Image55.jpg (122611 bytes) The YP 2805 returns from overnight halt at Dahinsara.
Image56.jpg (120602 bytes) 413 Up arrives at Morbi
Image57.jpg (109140 bytes) The driver's box reads N Mansukh, Diesel Driver, Okha
Image58.jpg (108073 bytes)
Image59.jpg (113273 bytes) Driver Govind and his fireman.
Image53.jpg (83998 bytes) The 412 Down rake starts from Morbi
Image54.jpg (98890 bytes) The road to Dahinsara is on the right of the tracks
Image63.jpg (87241 bytes) Approaching Dahinsara, the road shifts on the left side. 
Image60.jpg (128248 bytes) The YG rests at Dahinsara
Image61.jpg (131196 bytes) The track on the left goes to Navlakhi to the salt pans after leaving Dahinsara. This track is badly damaged in a recent cyclone and is unused.
Image64.jpg (105139 bytes) Mountain of salt at Vavania in the background.
Image65.jpg (120625 bytes) A relic of the pioneering diesel age, the North British YDM 1 diesel hydraulic, 6017 returns to its parent shed at Gandhidham.
Image66.jpg (150071 bytes) Water tanker train homing at Naliya arrive at Gandhidham with the YDM 4 # 6325 in charge. Note the inspection carriages on the leftmost track.

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